Outdoor lighting ideas

Celebrating an event on Ibiza often means creating a party atmosphere outdoors. One of the best things here is the mild climate. The mellow and long summer evenings invite to celebrate a special occasion under the stars. To make the most of a venue there are lots of lighting options to take into consideration.

We work closely with you to find out which ones are the best for your event. But to give you a little ideas here are some options to enhance the environment and make the most of a beautiful wedding or party venue.

Outside dinner settings are especially charming with clever and beautiful lighting such as lampions hanging over the tables.


Old school light bulbs are a great way to create a vintage ambience over a dinner table and as single design elements for example along a house wall.


Fairy lights are a long loved way to illuminate decoratively in a cost effective way. Not only on a christmas tree this lighting technique comes to its own. Wrapping fairy lights around normal trees in a garden is another romantic and quirky lighting idea for an outdoor event.


Colourful spotlights transform a venue and create an instant party atmosphere. We love especially spot lights in the colours magenta and blue. Directing spots into trees can give great effects.


Stunning projections into trees are a fantastic way to impress your guests and give your villa party that extra wow effect.